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Here is a video of a great hammerhead shark hunting a stingray in Destin, Florida. The shark was definitely NOT interested in the two beach-goers, minded his business looking for sharks.


This is a video from the lovely Jill Brooks who recorded this Great Hammerhead Shark in Bimini, chasing a Barrakuda with an insane pace! No wonder these sharks face unique problems physiologically when being fished, as Dr. Gallagher explained.


This is the publication assessing the different physiological stress responses of shark species to fishing.

If you would like to do further reading on why the Great Hammerhead Shark is uniquely vulnerable and what some of the consequenses are of this unique evolution, then read the “Evolved for extinction” paper, that as a Dr. Gallagher described is really shedding a new light on how to view this species and its chances to survive in today’s ocean environment, heavily altered by human activities.

I shared one of the amazing moments I have had with top predators when talking about grizzly bears. A very special place to me personally, and certainly one of the best to see grizzly bears and enjoy some amazing food is The Knight Inlet Lodge, no advertisment, but surely a recommendation from the heart!

The infamous “Shark gets stuck in cage” video from a few days ago, which we discuss in our Shark News Segment. Listen to the episode and leave some comments on social media if you would like to contribute to the discussion!


The second item in the Shark News Segment was news from NSW government implemented shark nets to ‘protect’ beach goers. We discussed the uselessness of these nets and why it’s so unfortunate that not more people are speaking out about this and the Australian government is continuing to pursue these measures, that have not shown any benefit whatsoever. Positively surprised to seeing some of the general criticism to be reflected in this reporting.

And finally… drumroll… are sharks more active during the night than during the day? NO! DEBUNKED! The scientific mythbusters from the university of miami have struck again and showed in their review of hundreds of studies that sharks do not show any increased activity during the night.

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