‘This is your ocean: Sharks’ is a top-notch shark documentary with stunning images. It’s available on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/this-is-your-ocean-sharks/id541320559

Operation Blue Pride has impressed me like only a few initiatives and organizations have in my life. Reducing physical and mental pain by letting veterans dive with tiger sharks, while at the same time advocating for sharks, who cannot find this awesome?

One of George’s passions is space exploration. Alan Bean was one of the few humans that had the privilege to walk on the moon and has created some amazing paintings about this experience. There are many forms of storytelling and this artistic form gives a traditional, yet intriguing perspective on an exploration experience that is difficult to match.

Credit and site: http://www.alanbeangallery.com/

Title: “Is anyone out there?”


One of the all-time classic shark documentaries is ‘Blue water, white death’. Although I wouldn’t have chosen this title in today’s day and age in particular, it is one of the most compelling shark films ever created and features some underwater legends. As George pointed out, this film was shot in the 70s, merely 45 years ago, and it’s not possible to recreate some of these abundant shark dives with oceanic white tip sharks anymore.

Emma is one of the most famous sharks to ever swim around the worlds oceans and I think you will easily see why.

Here is a cool video of her from youtube, but you can also like her page on facebook. Yes, you heard right, this shark even has a facebook page!!!