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There are few things in life that you truly gravitate towards. Rarely you find them, but they find you. As a kid my father taught me how to snorkel. Under the Spanish cliffs of the balearic islands I spent days in the sun, my face underwater, looking for fish. Fast forward to my high school graduation and I had no idea what to do with myself. By chance I found an ad online about a volunteer project in South Africa. A few weeks later, with a big fat grin on my face, I stood on the side of a boat, circled by 5 great white sharks, having the time of my life. Ever since I have not let go of the sharks, and they have not let go of me. It’s a deep fascination of these apex predators which I can only try to describe with words.

Over the course of the last years I have dove with great white sharks, helped study great hammerhead sharks and pursued a career in marine ecology. I have met thousands of people that are fascinated, scared or in love – sometimes despite the fact that they have never seen one in real life!

People that are intrigued by sharks are scattered all over the globe and work in all kinds of different fields: Scientists, divers, photographers, conservationists, tour guides, lawmakers, fishermen, filmmakers, authors, artists…

This podcast is my attempt to share the knowledge, adventures and experiences of the people who work with sharks with everybody who can’t get enough of sharks, or maybe is scared of sharks.

The weird and amazing space where humans and sharks meet is unique in so many ways – which we will explore in depth. One thing that is for sure is that it is marked by a lot of potential for conflict, between different interest groups and stakeholders. Some of it is the natural go of things, some of it is the lack of communication.

This podcast will be transparent and I will do my very best to stay objective and give voice to any valid concern and opinion relevant to issues around sharks.

That being said I dearly hope that this contribution is worth your time. Enjoy listening to the podcast!

Lukas Müller @LukasWaterman

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